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The Benefits of Green Tea

You’re already familiar with the more famous members of the superfoods list. That includes salmon and blueberries. But the many benefits of green tea suggest you may want to take a tea break in your near future too. Because among other things, green tea may help you lose weight, protect your heart, and may even let you keep a few marbles upstairs.

Granted, green tea won’t fix a lifetime of bad living habits. But we just can’t ignore the mounting evidence that supports consumption of this powerful drink. Researchers suggest two to three cups a day of green tea go a long way for both body and spirit.

The fact that it’s delicious make green tea a logical choice for folks who want better health and perhaps a little more enjoyment on the way there.

Why Green Tea is So Good For You

Green tea is made of camellia sinensis leaves with minimal oxidation. The leaves are high in free radical-fighting antioxidants like catechins, yet they’re relatively unprocessed from the farm to your cup.

Some researchers say green tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink.

There have been whispers that green tea may even prevent several types of cancer, and indeed, there is some evidence to back this up. That may be leaping ahead a little though – at present, the National Cancer Institute does not recommend for or against use of green tea to reduce any type of cancer.

Still, many benefits of green tea are already proven. The following are compelling reasons you might want to drink green tea at least once a day.

You May Reduce DNA Damage

Drink two cups of green tea each day and you may reduce DNA damage. That’s according to a study published in the journal Mutagenesis, in which patients with type-2 diabetes drank the stuff daily for 12 weeks. That’s in large part thanks to the catechins in green tea, which trap harmful molecules that accelerate aging and breakdown of organs.

You May Protect Your Teeth

Lose a tooth and you can actually preserve it in green tea until it’s replanted by a dentist according to the American Association of Endodentists. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Conservative Dentistry says green tea that was boiled for five minutes, then filtered and cooled to 4°C was a good substitute for the saline solution dentists normally use, called HBSS.

Green tea acts like a natural antibiotic, say dentists, and may kill bacteria in the mouth – and protect your chompers in the process.

You May Fuel Your Workout

Does it sound counter-intuitive to drink something hot before and after you hit the gym? Consider this – an article published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine found that green tea helped the body recover post-workout by stimulating blood cells. Rough translation? You may work out longer and recover faster thanks to green tea.

While there’s no suggested dosage to get the benefits of green tea, the general consensus is two to three cups daily should give you the treatment – both in the gym and for your health overall.

You May Help Your Brain

Many folks face a sad decline in quality of life thanks to alzheimer’s and related dementia. Green tea alone won’t fix that – but it does appear to keep brain cells stable for longer and delay that unfortunate way to go. That’s according to a study performed at the University of Porto in Portugal, which found that geen tea prevented build up of abnormal proteins.

Green tea also broke these proteins down and created new neurons for the brain. Just as encouraging, it boosted activity in areas responsible for working memory, which is linked to higher cognitive skills and function.

You May Lower Your Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

The benefits of green tea appear to extend to people at risk of type-2 diabetes. You can thank green tea’s ability to reduce insulin sensitivity for that, along with more stable blood sugar levels. Drink it regularly to get these benefits according to the study responsible for these findings, published in Current Medicinal Chemistry.

You May Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Your heart likes green tea. That’s the consensus, anyway, of nine studies analyzed reviewed by researchers and published in The International Journal of Cardiology. Just one cup a day may lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Add two more cups and that may extend to stroke as well.

Again we come to the high antioxidant content in green tea, which appears to assist with better blood flow and fight chemicals in the blood that can lead to heart inflammation.

You May Boost Your Mood

No secret here. One of the greatest benefits of green tea is the relaxation it offers. A study published by Public Health Nutrition found that folks who drank one to four cups a day were about half as likely to be depressed as people who never touch the stuff. The more they drank, the better they felt.

Researchers think an amino acid called L-Theanine may be responsible for these mood-lifting effects because it helps the body make pleasure chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. Both help people fight depression from chemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies.

What About Weight Loss?

The benefits of green tea may also extend to weight loss. The key word is mightsome studies have shown a link, others have not.

If there is a connection, it’s likely the active ingredient in green tea, EGCG, which shows moderate benefits for people who want to slim down.

Still, it’s hard to go wrong drinking green tea. One researcher points that it’s a good swap for sugary drinks. If you substituted one to two cups of green tea for a can of soda each day you’d save over 50,000 calories. That’s more than 15 pounds a year, provided you don’t add honey or sugar.

Bonus: You May Reduce Kidney Stones

So far we’ve established that green tea may help everything from your heart to your teeth. But if you know the stabbing pain of kidney stones (pray you don’t) you may have even more reason to drink green tea: a recent study found that green tea extract discouraged these painful crystals from formation in the first place.

The study, performed in 2009 by Chinese researchers, found that green tea binds to calcium oxalate. This made the resulting crystals a different shape, and less likely to clump together. That’s a major bonus if you know this displeasure – bigger stones tend to cause more pain. And you may already know how much grief even a small stone can give you.

Drinking green tea along probably won’t cure you of these delightful little creatures. But it probably can’t hurt either. Now combine them with the other benefits of green tea – a list that gets bigger by the year – and you begin to see how logical it is to indulge in this relaxing drink each day.

Try These Anti-Aging Foods

Want the Coles notes version of which foods offer the best anti-aging benefits for the money? Load up on fruits and vegetables. That’s because they’re high in antioxidants – those nifty little guys that fight cell-damaging free radicals. To really put them on your side, eat produce for all colors of the rainbow.

While we’re on the topic, let’s clarify a few things. Aging is basically a chronic state of inflammation. Some of us age quicker than others; a man of 40 can look 30 or vice versa. But aging goes beyond your skin and physical appearance. Cancer, dementia and heart disease, among other pleasantries, are health considerations that get more important as we march through life.

You can’t change your genes. But you can certainly age younger with healthy living habits. At the center of them are these anti-aging foods, which should give you better skin, a resilient brain and even a rockin’ sex drive to keep the effects of aging at bay.

Anti-Aging All-Star Foods

Look closer at some of the foods mentioned in this article and you’ll see a few food groups that keep popping up. For example, green, leafy vegetables are among the healthiest foods on the planet. Oily, coldwater fish are favorites too – helping your skin, heart, libido and brain.

As a rule of thumb, about half of each meal should be fruits and vegetables. You’re aiming for five to nine servings each day, along with these other superfood groups to stay young in body and healthy upstairs…

Whole Grains – An excellent source of belly-filling fiber, whole grain oats, barley, wheats and rice may all lower your risk of diabetes type 2 and keep your blood vessels in good condition. Opt for whole grain rather than whole wheat and aim for three servings a day.

Fish – Pity the person who hates seafood – coldwater oily fish like salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. That’s awesome, because it may lower your risk of heart disease and stroke and reduce your chances of dementia as well. Lake trout and tuna are good sources of omega-3s too – choose albacore packed in water if you typically eat tuna from a can.

Dairy – Your bones love the calcium in dairy, but don’t overlook what it can do for the rest of you. Among other things, low-fat dairy may keep your cholesterol under control and lower your risk of heart disease. Don’t like dairy? Look for other sources of calcium and fortified vitamin D, like soy milk, almond milk and cereal.

Nuts – Don’t get put off by their high calories. The fats in nuts are among the healthiest anywhere. Those fats go a long way too – in fact, one study found they lowered risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol by almost 20%. That’s with just ¼ ounces of nuts a day, or about four almonds.

Beans and Lentils – These are seriously high in protein and belly-filling fiber. And that protein is plant-based, making beans and lentils a good option for people who want to avoid the pitfalls of red meat. Add them to soups, casseroles and side dishes.

Anti-Aging Foods For Your Skin

Genes play a role. But the following anti-aging foods for your skin can give you radiant complexion, reduce wrinkles and even make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Eat smaller portions of nutrient-rich foods for better skin. Combine them with exercise and always wear sunscreen in summer. You’ll look the part, with younger skin aided by these foods that are poetry for your largest organ:

Oats – They pack a low hit to your blood sugar and have a natural plant chemical that protects skin cells. Get oats in oatmeal (natch), along with whole grains like shredded wheat, barley and brown rice.

Oranges – Your skin likes water, and you’ll get plenty of that in this citrus fruit. Oranges are rich in vitamin C too, which helps make collagen, and keeps skin supple in the process. But it’s not just oranges. Fruits and vegetables in general are great for your skin. Aim for at least two cups of vegetables and 1.5 cups of fruits each day if you’re a woman, or three and two respectively for men.

Avocados – They’re rich in healthy, monounsaturated fat, which helps hydrate your skin. And that fat helps your skin absorb the nutrients it needs for better health. Use avocados in place of high-fat salad dressings and mayo for skin that will look simply amazing.

Lean Beef – Red meat doesn’t have to be bad for you. Opt for lean beef if you’re feeling carnivorous, like a 2 or 4 ounce high quality sirloin, for protein that your body uses to make collagen. Flip it often too, because cooking with high heat leads to charring that can undo the anti-aging properties you’re looking for.

Brussels Sprouts – You’ll blitz your body with skin-friendly nutrients vitamin A and folate with brussels sprouts. They may also help protect your skin against sun-aging, because they’re rich in vitamin C – there it is again! – which promotes collagen, and helps skin adapt to the strains of your environment.

Salmon – Salmon rarely fails to show up on any list of healthiest foods, and it’s here as well. Thank the omega-3 fatty acids in this tasty fish, which may help protect against skin cancer cells from spreading. Try for at least two 3-ounce servings of salmon (or other coldwater oily fish, like mackeral or trout) each week.

Grapes – Much hype has been made about resveratrol, which is found in grapes and red wine. But most of that hype is deserved, say experts, because it appears to slow aging and protects skin from sun damage. You can also get resveratrol from boiled peanuts and cocoa powder.

Feed Your Brain Too!

Anti-aging foods help your health and your skin. But they feed other parts of your body too, including that thing in your noggin commonly referred to as a brain. Yes, the right foods can keep you sharp throughout the day and may play a role in protecting against Alzheimer’s and mental decline. Brain-friendly foods include:

Whole Grains – These keep popping up. No wonder – whole grains supply glucose to the brain, which give it energy, though you’ll want to choose ‘whole grains’ rather than ‘whole wheat’.

Oily Fish – We’ve already talked about the virtues of oily fish several times already, but we can’t ignore the benefits of fish for better brain function. Again, we turn to the omega-3 fatty acids in fish, EPA and DHA, both of which the body uses for mental function. Low levels of DHA are linked to Alzheimer’s and memory loss.

Blueberries – Another superfood with antioxidants-a-plenty, research done at Tufts University suggests blueberries may delay memory loss and the effects that go with it.

Tomatoes – Personally, I hate tomatoes. But that’s my loss – tomatoes have a powerful antioxidant, called lycopene, that may help protect against the free radical damage so characteristic of dementia.

Blackcurrants – We haven’t seen blackcurrants show up yet, but we’ve talked in considerable detail about vitamin C. Guess what? You’ll get lots of it in blackcurrants. And with it, better mental agility.

Pumpkin Seeds – A handful of pumpkin seeds puts a memory-enhancing wallop of zinc in your tummy, which should help your thinking skills and keep your brain on its tippy-toes.

Broccoli – Cancer-killer broccoli is rich in vitamin K – a known cognitive-enhancer – and which may improve brain function.

Nuts – Like fish, nuts are one of the best anti-aging foods for the money. Case in point, a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found a good dose of vitamin E may prevent cognitive decline, especially in the eldery. Three guesses where you’ll find this brain-friendly nutrient in abundance?

Fuel For Your Sex Life

Anti-aging foods help your skin, your brain, your heart and other factors. But the fun stuff comes when you eat for your sex life – studies show the following foods can stoke your libido and make sex a thrilling experience regardless of age:

Strawberries – They’ve been featured in many a kinky scene in the movies, but there’s more to strawberries than their cinematic appeal. They’re high in antioxidants for one, and are linked to better circulation to your privates.

Avocados – Their second showing on our review of the best anti-aging foods, avocados are high in vitamin E and heart-protecting potassium and vitamin B6. That has other uses too, because what’s good for your heart is good for your genitals. Consider that men with heart disease are twice as likely to have ED and you see the connection.

Almonds – Nuts feature in every category we’ve reviewed so far, but here we’re going to focus our attention on almonds. That’s because they’re high in zinc, selenium and vitamin E, which encourage better blood flow and are important nutrients for sexual health and reproduction.

Sweet Potatoes – Here’s one we haven’t seen yet. Sweet potatoes, which are rich in potassium, may help fight high blood pressure – linked to erectile dysfunction. They’re high in beta-carotene too, which some believe may help infertility, though it’s not proven.

Sesame Seeds – More seeds! These guys are especially high in zinc, and make a great alternative to oysters if they’re not your thing. They’re easy to prepare – just add them to granola or health stir fry. Or heck, eat them raw!

Watermelon – Next to salmon, watermelon scores huge points with me. I can’t think of a better way to beat the heat of summer than with this calorie-light delicacy, which has lycopene, citrulline and beta-carotene. They’re all believed to dilate the blood vessels and make sex extraordinary.

Study: The Mediterranean Diet May Help You Live Longer

We’ve covered a lot of ground here, and seen some anti-aging foods show up in multiple categories. So it’s only fitting that we conclude this article with an easy way to put many of them in your stomach.

This diet – and yes, we’re talking about the Mediterranean diet – continues to win researchers over for its ability to fight heart disease and possibly dementia. And now we can add anti-aging benefits to that list; according to a study published in 2014, the Mediterranean diet may reduce aging because it appears to protect the ends of cell chromosones, called telomeres.

Telomeres shorten naturally as we age. That’s what makes these results significant. The study found that people whose dietary habits closely followed the Mediterranean diet had longer telomeres, which suggests they’ll have a longer life expectancy, and lower risk of heart disease and other ailments that take far too many lives. Not to mention they’ll look younger too.

No one food in the the study offered more protection than another. Rather, it was the combination of foods that make up the Mediterranean diet which seemed to help. And the study builds on earlier research, done in 2013, which found that middle-aged men who adopted healthy lifestyle habits like vegan diet and taking fish oil supplements lengthened their telomeres by 10%.

Take baby steps with the Mediterranean diet. Start small – saute your food in olive oil rather than butter for example. Snack on fruits and vegetables and add them to your recipes. You can also switch red meat for fish at least twice a week and opt for whole grains rather than white. Check out Food Network’s mediterranean diet section too, and stay with the program. The longer you put these anti-aging foods in your diet, the more benefits you’ll enjoy.

Your Guide to the Best Anti-Aging Products

Getting slower? Got a few more wrinkles this year? That’s age folks, and it’s working overtime. With 76 million children born in the United States between 1945 and 1964, it’s fair to say that the baby boom generation is reaching that age where the body moves slower, and with more grey.

Does that sting? Don’t sweat it. The baby boom generation is getting older, but it’s got a few bucks stashed under the mattress. In the United Kingdom, baby boomers control 80% of wealth, buy 80% of luxury vehicles and globally account for 80% of all luxury travel. Who says aging has to suck?

And while the baby boom generation seems destined to spend its golden years in relative comfort and with a standard of living unimaginable by previous generations, there’s always that urge to look younger, feel better and to be the first of what will hopefully be a wave of sexy seniors.

About The Anti-Aging Industry

The anti-aging industry is to baby boomers like a ten year-old is to Grandma’s cookie jar – it’s always nearby and has one hand grasping for more.

Advances in anti-aging technology have grown at an impressive rate and do a brisk business at the cash register. In the United States,consumers spend approximately $50 billion each year on supplements for nutrition, fitness, skin tone and products that slow the aging process. Some of them might sound familiar. Ever heard of Botox? It just blew out ten candles on its birthday cake.

There’s no question that Botox sells. So do collagen injections for that matter. But there is a point where injections become time-consuming and painful. And frankly, they’re both just…unnatural.

And what about herbals and botanicals? They’ve been used for thousands of years to treat everything from erectile dysfunction to depression. Can’t they slow the aging process and help one age more gracefully (while not looking like they just stepped out of a plastic surgeon’s laboratory)?

Glad you asked.

HGH Releasers

Welcome to the world of aging with natural supplements.

An HGH releaser is a dietary supplement consisting of herbals and amino acids to stimulate the body to release growth hormone.

If it’s been a while since biology class, growth hormone is a protein-based peptide hormone responsible for cell growth and regeneration. Produced by the pituitary gland, it’s growth hormone that determines your height, bone density and among other things, keeps skin plump and attractive.

Growth hormone production tends to peak in the early twenties, then tapers off, beginning around 30, at about ten per cent each decade. Then come the wrinkles, fatigue, weight gain, and the list goes on.

What You Can Realistically Expect – HGH releasers are formulated to stimulate natural growth hormone production and reduce signs of aging. Benefits include:

  • fewer wrinkles
  • improved skin tone
  • increased lean muscle mass
  • more energy

Consider That…At present, synthetic injections are the only way to supplement growth hormone. That can cost up to $30,000 per year, and in some cases, must be continued for life.

HGH releasers do not contain growth hormone, rather, they stimulate the body to produce it naturally. Among their ingredients, you’ll often find panax ginseng, ginkgo biloba, l-arginine and l-lysine.

Why They’re Appealing – Um, let’s review those benefits again. Fewer wrinkles, more energy, and more lean muscle. That gives you the energy to go golfing, play frisbee, spend time with grand children or do what ever you’ll like to do in your senior years. And you’ll look great in the process.

Top Three HGH Releasers

#1 GenF20 Plus System – Some HGH releasers are formulated with so low a dosage that they don’t work. GenF20 Plus System avoids that problem with an oral spray formulated with Alpha-GPC.

Simply put, Alpha-GPC is an HGH booster that gets the most growth hormone secretion out of your body. Think of it as a turbo-charger for that extra kick on race day.

You should also know that GenF20 Plus System is an enteric absorption system. That helps to deliver the ingredients in GenF20 Plus System to the small intestine for maximum absorption. With an 80-90% absorption rate, compared to 5-15% for non-enteric products, GenF20Plus System is arguably the most effective HGH releaser on the market today.

#2 Provacyl – Formulated with an emphasis on treating andropause – the male version of menopause – Provacyl is an effective HGH releaser that has helped thousands of men across the globe.

A male menopause? That’s a joke right? Actually, it’s a serious issue. While menopause hits women at once and then it’s over with, andropause is a slow descent into erectile dysfunction, weight gain, wrinkles and fatigue. In many men, that’s too much for their ego to take, which can lead to depression and unhappy relationships.

Growth hormone production tends to peak in the early twenties, then tapers off, beginning around 30, at about ten per cent each decade.

While it doesn’t come with enteric coating, or the Alpha-GPC of GenF20Plus System, Provacyl is based on numerous clinical studies regarding the efficacy of HGH releasers and helps men understand and get through a common and, frankly, under-rated health issue that men face.

#3 GenFX – At a respectable third, GenFX is an HGH releaser with similar ingredients as found in GenF20Plus System and Provacyl. While it’s a lesser known product, GenFX is doctor-approved and packs decent value, with free shipping on orders over five months.

Granted, third place is third place, and doctors usually get paid well to endorse products, but they’ll rarely lend their names to faulty products. And with the abundance of less-than-appealing practices in the anti-aging industry, an HGH releaser that is safe, delivers what it claims and packs reasonable value and with an established track record is worth your consideration.

Wrinkle Creams

The skin care industry packs big numbers. With annual sales of cosmetics (and perfumes) at $170 billion across the globe each year, the manufacturers make top dollar for consumers who want to look good and preferably young.

While you’ll find plenty of facial creams at your local pharmacy, most often they’re little more than moisturizers that don’t penetrate deep into the skin. They may keep your face hydrated, but they’ll rarely treat wrinkles and reduce signs of aging.

Hence, the wrinkle cream; an anti-aging cream formulated with botanicals and patented peptides.

What You Can Realistically Expect – An anti-aging cream should stimulate collagen production. And specifically, a wrinkle cream should soften the facial skin, reduce fine lines and, yes, fade those tell-tale wrinkles.

Consider That…Parabens are chemical preservatives commonly found in many skin care products. Research links parabens to development of breast cancer.

Being comprised of botanicals and patented peptides, an anti-aging wrinkle cream is a hybrid of natural skin care and the latest in anti-aging technology. Choose a wrinkle cream with the fewest, if any parabens and you may avoid the health effects linked to this common preservative.

Why They’re Appealing – Unless you’re into collagen injections, which are pricey and painful, an effective wrinkle cream is your best bet to reduce wrinkles, look young and keep people guessing your true age.

The Top Three Wrinkle Creams

#1 Kollagen Intensiv – At the top of your list should be the flagship product from the Skinception line of skin care products. Kollagen Intensiv blends botanicals and patented peptides that stimulate collagen, tighten the facial skin and make wrinkles disappear.

Unless you’re into collagen injections, which are pricey and painful, an effective wrinkle cream is your best bet to reduce wrinkles, look young and keep people guessing your true age.

Numbers count, and in this case, the numbers are impressive. In a recent clinical study, Kollagen Intensiv reduced the appearance of wrinkles by up to 354%. That’s in no small part thanks to Syn®-Coll, one of those patented peptides we’ve talked about.

If those numbers aren’t enough to convince you that Kollagen Intensiv is the best wrinkle cream on the market, consider that it’s backed by a 90 day money back guarantee and offers live, 24/7 customer support. That’s great for peace of mind and offers assurance that Skinception cares about its clients.

#2 Revitol Complete Anti-Aging – Revitol won’t blow you away with a comprehensive website or even clinical studies to back its claims of being “a revolutionary anti-aging cream”, but Revitol Complete Anti-Aging has the goods packed in its formulation and generally delivers reduction of wrinkles.

Let’s talk about those ingredients for a moment. In Revitol Complete Anti-Aging you’ll find hyaluronic acid, shea butter and primrose oil – all proven to reduce wrinkles, and when combined, should stimulate enough collagen to erase those signs of age.

That said, Revitol Complete Anti-Aging goes a little heavier in the parabens department than you might like, and their marketing efforts are underwhelming, to say the least. A respectable anti-aging cream.

Dermology Anti-Aging Solution – Dermology Anti-Aging Solution plays the hype machine very well. On its website, you’ll note that it’s been advertised on CNN and MSNBC. Does that make it a good wrinkle cream? Kinda.

Dermology blends a few of those patented peptides we’ve talked about with hyaluronic acid, but there’s not much beyond that. In fact, it doesn’t advertise what’s in the formulation beyond three ingredients. And those are the details we need to know.

This doesn’t mean that Dermology Anti-Aging Solution doesn’t deliver. With the amount of money Dermology spends on product placements, they’ve got to deliver something.

But it does mean that, with the alternative anti-aging wrinkle creams available to you, Dermology should be your third choice.

Eye Creams

You see age in many places on the human body, but you really see it around the eyes. Crow’s feet, laugh lines and dark circles under the eyes all hint of age and can add years to an already aging facade. Yet, a lucky few look younger than their age and leave you guessing how they do it.

Part of that is luck. Some people are more prone to eye bags and wrinkles than others. And lifestyle plays a part – if you smoke, drink heavily, eat a salt-rich diet or haven’t slept in about twenty years, you’re gonna see it.

But more often, it’s a combination of good genes and studious skin care. And at the center, a great anti-aging eye cream.

What You Can Realistically Expect – An eye cream should tighten the skin under the eyes and increase oxygen circulation. That, in turn, should reduce bagginess. And it should reduce the muscle contractions that lead to fine lines.

Consider That…Botox is the most powerful neurotoxin known to man. Four kilograms of botox, if evenly distributed, it more than enough to kill the entire human race. If that’s not a reason to switch to an eye cream, consider also that botox injections can be painful and will most certainly run into thousands of dollars each year.

Why They’re Appealing – Back to the intro: age shows around the eyes.

With a generation of baby boomers well into its mid-sixties and on the edge of retirement, consumers want to look young, feel sexy and spend their senior years not looking like, well, seniors. Being safe, effective, painless and affordable, an anti-aging eye cream can help with that.

The Top Three Eye Creams

#1 Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy – According to Eyelasticity, there are three evils of eye-aging. The first is expression lines. The second is dark circles and third is puffiness. Eyelasticity, formulated with Eyeseryl® and Pro-Coll-One+, treats all three.

Let’s look at more numbers. Eyeseryl® is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by an average of 20%. Regu®-age can reduce under-eye circles by 35% and Pro-Coll-One+ is proven to stimulate collagen production by an astounding 1,190%. What do they all have in common? They’re all in Eyelasticity.

You’ll find solid value with Eyelasticity, with a six month supply clocking in at $289.95 an additional two free jars and free express shipping in the United States. Comparable results as with Botox at a fraction of the price. Eyelasticity is the best anti-aging eye cream for your dollar.

#2 Dermagist Eye Precision System – Dermagist has figured out that consumers want more than just flashy promos on the major networks – they want proof that the product works. And good for Dermagist, there’s at least some of that on its website.

Having said that, the average adult is exposed to 187 hazardous chemicals each day and it’s therefore advisable to review the ingredient list of any skin products you purchase. Unfortunately, Dermagist doesn’t list its ingredients on its website.

The bottom line, however, is that Dermagist Eye Precision System is a quality anti-aging eye cream. Give it the chance and you’ll reduce age around the eyes.

#3 Eye Secrets – Another anti-aging cream with plenty of media coverage, Eye Secrets provides “instant lift”. Purportedly, to the same degree as botox.

Believe me, claims of topical botox are common place in the skin care industry, but to its credit, Eye Secrets provides the same instant eye lift effect.

So what’s the caveat? And why is Eye Secrets the third best eye cream? Well, the results don’t last. And Eye Secrets doesn’t tell us what’s in that mystery concoction that provides that sexy lift. That leaves you wondering, what the heck is lurking in there?

What’s more, Eye Secrets is offered out of the United Kingdom. All prices are in British Pounds, and with the exchange rate, you could buy two and a half jars of Eyelasticity for a month supply of Eye Secrets.

Eye Secrets is still a quality eye cream. But all things considered, your best best remains Eyelasticity.

Your Intro to Natural Remedies

So you’ve got the itch for natural remedies? That’s cool. Those natural herbs and spices sitting by the fridge do more than just blend in to the wall – they do stuff for your health!

A little ginger may reduce digestion problems and treat allergies. Add olive oil to dry skin and you’ve got a natural moisturizer. A little nature goes a long way. Go nature!

There’s a natural remedy for everyone, be it for skin care or digestion, erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness. Name your pleasure, dig deep and you’ll find relief. The question is, where do you start to learn about natural remedies?

In one square kilometer of the Amazon rain forest, there may be over a thousand different kinds of trees and thousands of plant species. An estimated 438,000 plants in the Amazon hold social or economic interest. And 70% of the rain forest plants identified by the US National Cancer Institute may fight cancer.

That is correct. There could already be a cure for cancer. And it could be natural.

There’s a natural remedy for everyone, be it for skin care or digestion, erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness

But that’s for another day. You’re not looking to cure cancer, you’re here to learn about natural care for non-life threatening ailments, correct? I hope so, because nature can help you look pretty, ease tummy trouble, even increase blood flow to your ticker, if you let it.

To that end, in this article we’ll discuss natural solutions for skin care, digestive problems and for your sex life.

Don’t you just love natural remedies??

Skin Care

There are 82,000 ingredients in personal care products, of which more than 10,000 are the nasty industrial chemicals you’d do well to avoid. They include carcinogens, pesticides and reproductive toxins. Where do they go on application? I’ll give you a hint: inside you.

Sad but true. The body absorbs said ingredients, just like you’d eaten them. Common offenders? Lipstick, moisturizers, deodorant.

Fact: The average North American adult is exposed to 168 hazardous chemicals each day

Source: Environmental Working Group

A growing number of consumers and advocates take issue with such nasty ingredients and the health issues linked to them. And with that, a greater interest in natural skin care and products that may side-step these problems.

Let’s define natural skin care as products that nurture the skin with natural ingredients, including:

  • herbs
  • roots
  • oils
  • flowers

That’s not an exhaustive list, mind you, but it gives an idea of what you’ll encounter within that broad definition. If it comes from nature, it’s natural. And it can’t have synthetic chemicals, even as preservatives.

The Case For:

Wanna see that list again? Over ten thousand harmful industrials in common personal care products. Absorbed right into the bloodstream. And among them, parabens, which are linked to breast cancer.

That’s not to say that parabens, which are common chemical preservatives, are medically proven to cause this killer of women. But there’s enough evidence to suggest that they may not be safe for long-term use. If you can find products without parabens, choose them. Solutions? Natural skin care.

Again, huge topic. You can spend days sifting through the many natural skin products that clamor for your purchase. But among the more common ingredients and products, you’ll find:

  • jojoba
  • safflower oil
  • shea butter
  • aloe vera
  • argan oil

One of the more vocal supporters of natural skin care is Charmaine Ciancuillo, a former model and Canadian blogger who advocates positive body image for young women with natural products that range from mineral makeup to water-based nail polish. Her blog is

The Case Against:

Of course, there are few guarantees in life, and if you want one, you’d best buy a toaster!

All kidding aside, natural skin care products should work, but there are no assurances that they’re ideal for every skin type and sensitivity. And considering that the FDA does not regulate what goes in to most personal care products, natural or otherwise, it’s up to you, the consumer, to review the ingredients of the products you buy.

Another knock against natural skin care, albeit a moderate one, is that they tend to expire earlier than their unnatural brethren. Chalk that up the the absence of chemical preservatives. That’s the same principle as with health food, by the way. If it can go bad, it’s generally good for you.

And natural skin products are often on the expensive side.

You Should Also Know…

Natural skin products are potent healers, but they often lack the oomph to reverse signs of aging, like wrinkles and eye bags. As moisturizers, they’re great. Just don’t ask nature to undo years of smoking or three decades of sun damage.

Moving Forward:

If you can overlook their shortcomings, think about making the switch to natural skin care products.

es, they’re more expensive. Yes, they’ll go bad sooner. But that’s a good thing. Remember that scene in Supersize Me, when film maker Morgan Spurlock observed that a pack of McDonald’s fries just wouldn’t go bad, even after six months?

Now think about all the preservatives in the personal products you use, the moisturizers, the deodorants. Ten thousand industrial chemicals. Straight to the bloodstream and throughout your anatomy. Groovy.

But what about anti-aging? How do you reverse wrinkles and stretch marks and all those joyous reminders of where you’re at in the journey of life?

To reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, nature might need help. Your job, as the consumer, is to purchase specialty anti-aging creams that serve one function and that serve that function with the fewest synthetic preservatives.

Good question. Look for skin care products with a blend of botanicals like beta glucan and soybean fiber with patented peptides like Regestril® and SYN®-COLL. Avoid parabens, or at least, choose products with the fewest of them.

To reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, nature might need help. Your job as the consumer is to purchase specialty, anti-aging creams that serve one function, and that perform that function with the fewest synthetic preservatives.

Want to reduce wrinkles? Try a wrinkle cream. Eye bags? An eye cream. The skin products featured on Natural Health Source are quality creams. They’re hybrids, of natural skin care and dermal technology, and they’re generally stronger than the over-the-counter products found in your local drug store. Not natural skin care, but close to it.

And that, dear friend, is a reasonable compromise.

Digestive Problems

I think everyone’s got a story of a grandmother/aunt/motherly figure who could cure any ailment that was digestive in origin. And maybe she had those mysterious concoctions in a book somewhere, and it sat, for years, collecting dust in a cupboard.

Fast forward a few decades. That recipe book has morphed into a thing called the internet. And that grandmother/aunt/motherly figure who could cure what ailed ya? Google “herbal remedies for digestion problems” and there she is!

While times have changes, herbals have not. And to that end, let’s define natural digestion remedies as supplements that assist digestion, for ongoing health of the gastrointestinal system, and which reduce and even eliminate related problems, including irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux.

The Case For:

Estimates suggest that at least 15% of Americans suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Most of them are women between 30 and 60. And it can make life very difficult (and, um, just a little embarrassing).

But it’s not just IBS that plagues American tummies. There’s also acid reflux, in which hydrochloric acid escapes the stomach and enters the esophagus. Symptoms include heartburn, burping, nausea, chronic sore throat and that gross taste in your mouth when you “mini-vomit” after a meal.

Is there a way to treat digestive problems with natural and/or herbal supplements? You bet your ailing stomach there is!

Natural supplements for digestion often consist of a two or three part system, for pain relief, acid or enzyme renewal and a fiber and nutrient supplement for ongoing digestive support. Among the more common herbals used to treat digestive problems, you’ll find:

  • flaxseed
  • psyllium husk
  • ginger root
  • chia seed

Notably, chia seed shows immense potential for its ability to ease a variety of digestion problems and for its exceptional health benefits. At 16% protein, 31% fat and 44% carbohydrate, of which 38% is fiber, there’s something in chia for everyone.

Consider also that antacids, proton pump inhibitors, laxatives and IBS and reflux medicines can alter the constitution of the gastrointestinal system and are generally not safe for long-term use. More over, prolonged use of such medicines can aggravate symptoms and cause dependence.

Wanna take a laxative every time you go to the bathroom? I don’t!

The Case Against:

Being natural, such supplements tend to have a shorter shelf life than typical digestion treatments. They can be hard to obtain, as they’re often available only through the internet (unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, in which case you can pop by your local health store).

They’re not the cheapest way to treat digestion, either.

There’s also a tendency in health circles to classify natural supplements as “alternative medicine”, which some observers might say undermines their ability to treat digestion problems when compared to the tried and true methods – aka antacids.

You Should Also Know…

Consider also that antacids, proton pump inhibitors, laxatives and IBS and reflux medicines can alter the constitution of the gastrointestinal system and are generally not safe for long-term use.

Colon cleansing, another popular digestion query, serves an important function, albeit not what you might think.

Feces do not build up in the colon and infect the body. But, and it’s an important “but”, the GI tract is easily inflamed and can trigger digestion problems, lethargy, poor skin condition and the same symptoms often linked to the myth of feces build-up, or “auto-intoxification”.

There are many benefits to colon cleansing, but if you choose to do so, choose a system that treats inflammation of the GI tract with herbals and fiber supplements rather that one that simply blasts feces out of the colon with harsh laxatives that can damage your digestion system.

Moving Forward:

Consider natural supplements for digestion problems. Generally speaking, they’re safer than most digestion medicines and you can use them indefinitely.

Keep in mind that many people with digestion problems are prone to food allergies, and it’s therefore advisable to review the ingredient list of any natural supplements you buy for digestion. When in doubt, always check with your doctor.

Having said that, think about natural ways and supplements to treat digestion. I’d put fifty bucks on it that they’re much more effective than anything you’ll find in your local drug store.

And remember that an effective supplement can treat the causes of digestive problems rather than just symptom reduction. That’s major.

Female Enhancement

Remember that comment I made earlier about herbals and the sex drive? Get set to get wet, ladies, cause herbals can help with that.

Estimates suggest that up to fifty per cent of American women aren’t pleased in the bedroom. And ten per cent of women have never orgasmed at all.

Two of the most common sexual problems that affect women are anorgasmia and vaginal dryness. The former is an inability to orgasm. The latter defines itself.

So you’ve heard about female enhancement and you’re wondering how herbs and botanicals can put jump in your trousers? Let’s define female enhancement as either a cream or a libido pill, comprised of botanicals to stimulate blood flow to the privates and to optimize sexual health, balance shifting hormones and restore interest in and enjoyment of sex.

The Case For:

Let’s review that number again: almost one in two women in the Unites States are not happy with their sex lives. Ten per cent of American women have never orgasmed. And there’s no female Viagra.

Well, that’s not entirely true. There’s no pharmaceutical pill that will instantly have your sex drive firing on all cylinders if you’re a lady. But there may be a safer and more enjoyable way to do that, with proven botanicals that assist in the orgasm process. Common natural supplements in female enhancement products include:

  • ginseng
  • ginkgo biloba
  • l-arginine
  • black cohosh root

A female enhancement gel provides instant lubrication, for immediate gratification, and being natural, may avoid the health risks linked to drugstore lubricants, which often include a harmful petrochemical, called nonoxynol-9, which can increase risk of STDs.

A female enhancement pill, or libido pill, is a dietary supplement that rebalances the shifting hormones that are often responsible for dryness and reduced interest in sex. While they take longer, once they kick in, clients report less dryness, more sex, and deeper, more intense orgasms.

Told ya nature does great things!

The Case Against:

Ever been spammed? There’s definitely a stigma to male and female enhancement and that hurts their image.

That’s unfortunate, because female enhancement products consist of botanicals used since ancient times and the good ones are proven and offer the peace of mind that comes with a solid guarantee.

Female enhancement products can be inconvenient to purchase, as they’re rarely available through your local pharmacy; you’ve got to go online to buy them.

You Should Also Know…

Female enhancement gels are available as water, oil and silicone-based products. Choose a water-based gel, as they’re easier to clean than oil and silicone options.

Moving Forward:

With so many unhappy women behind closed doors, female enhancement is catching on as that purported female Viagra.

That’s not surprising, because the botanicals used in enhancement gels and libido pills have stood the test of time and have been used extensively by ancient cultures in Europe, Asia and South America.

Does this mean that herbals and botanicals can boost your sex life? Yup, it does. But it’s advisable to do your homework when choosing a product. Have a look around Natural Health Source for ideas and don’t be afraid to contact the companies directly.

Male Enhancement

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about twenty million spam emails about penis pills. There’s that stigma again. Is it deserved? Sometimes.

Besides, men have Viagra. And Cialis, and Levitra. Why bother with herbal supplements for the sex drive at all?

Well, Viagra and company are linked to side effects including head aches, blurry vision, and in some cases, heart attacks. And they’re expensive, at roughly twenty bucks a pop. They don’t treat the causes of reduced sex drive either, and instead offer an erection on demand.

Hence, the almighty penis pill – an herbal supplement for your sex life that can increase desire for sex and load of ejaculate. Generally the stuff that makes sex great.

Male enhancement is a broad term for products that help a man’s ability to have sex (and yes, it includes ways to increase penis size without surgery), but to keep things simple, let’s define male enhancement as either a pill for long-term sexual performance or gel for instant arousal.

The Case For:

Do you really have to twist a man’s arm to have sex?

The problem is, sex problems are common place among procreators with a penis. There’s erectile dysfunction. There’s lack of interest in sex as testosterone falters. The joys of aging can take a bite out of your sex life. Cue male enhancement.

Male enhancement products, both pills and gels, are natural products that use ancient botanicals to stimulate blood flow to the penis and increase its capacity. And semen volume enhancers increase ejaculate size, for larger, more impressive loads and an extended orgasm to die for.

Some of the most common ingredients in male enhancement pills and gels include:

  • damiana
  • tribulus terrestris
  • ginkgo biloba
  • muira pauma
  • Asian red ginseng

Additionally, one of the better-known enhancement pills, VigRX Plus, contains Bioperene, an extract from black pepper fruit, and it’s clinically proven to increase the absorption rate of the nutrients it’s combined with.

Considering how sex problems can increase with age, and that sex can make or break a relationship or marriage, male enhancement does brisk business, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Case Against:

As you can imagine, there are faulty and sometimes dangerous male enhancement products, and for that reason, it’s advisable to purchase enhancement products and herbals for sex only through a reputable manufacturer with an established track record and medical endorsement.

Male enhancement, despite what you may have heard, is the real deal and perform the same functions as Viagra and its cousins

There’s no question that spam penis pill emails cast a shadow over the enhancement industry, and honest companies that offer quality male enhancement products suffer for it.

For the record, male enhancement is not a scam. But the emails that clog your inbox from fly-by-night operators do little to convince many consumers otherwise.

And as with many natural sex supplements, they’re rarely available in stores and must be purchased online.

You Should Also Know…

Male enhancement pills are dietary supplements. They contain no pharmaceuticals and therefore do not require a doctor’s prescription. The same goes for female enhancement products.

Moving Forward:

Give male enhancement the chance to invigorate your sex life, with more frequent sex, larger and longer orgasms. And instant hardness, as offered by enhancement gels.

Having said that, you’ll want to do your research. Skip those annoying spam emails. Choose a product by an established company with medical endorsement, live 24/7 customer support and a firm guarantee. Got questions? Call the company.

Male enhancement, despite what you may have heard, is the real deal and can perform the same functions as Viagra and its cousins.

Also consider the quality of the ingredients used in the product you choose. At present, VigRX Plus is the only herbal supplement for the sex drive with Bioperene, and it meets all the prerequisites listed above.